Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Question 1

What is the advantage of using SPSS over calculating statistics by hand?

Question 2

In SPSS, what is the "Data Viewer"?

Question 3

How is a variable name different from a variable label?

Question 4

What does the operation "Recode Into Different Variables" do to the data?

Question 5

How would you use the drop-down menus in SPSS to generate a frequency table?

Question 6

Why might you tell SPSS to represent the "slices" of a pie chart in different patterns?

Question 7

When cross-tabulating two variables, it is conventional to:

Question 8

In which sub-dialog box can the Chi Square test be found?

Question 9

To generate a Spearman's rho test, which set of instructions should you give SPSS?

Question 10

How would you print a bar chart that you have just produced in SPSS?

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