Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mixed methods research: combining quantitative and qualitative research

Question 1

What is the name of one of the arguments that suggests that research methods are inextricably linked to epistemological commitments?

Question 2

Which version of the debate about multi-strategy research suggests that quantitative and qualitative research are compatible?

Question 3

What is triangulation?

Question 4

How might qualitative research facilitate quantitative research?

Question 5

How might quantitative research facilitate qualitative research?

Question 6

Whereas quantitative research tends to bring out a static picture of social life, qualitative research depicts it as...

Question 7

How might qualitative research help with the analysis of quantitative data?

Question 8

How can multi-strategy research help us to study different aspects of a phenomenon?

Question 9

When might unplanned multi-stage research be described as a "salvage operation"?

Question 10

Which of the following is not a feature of multi-strategy research?

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