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1. MESH is a
(A) Thesaurus
(B) Dictionary
(C) Journal
(D) Library
Answer: (A)
2. The First edition of DDC Consisted of
(A) 144 pages
(B) Four volume
(C) 44 pages
(D) 124 pages
Answer: (C) (1876)
3. What are the four entity of FRBR model?
(A) Personality, Matter, Energy, Space
(B) Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item
(C) Book, Form, Availability, Type
(D) Discipline, Entity, Action, Personality
Answer: (B)
4. The Dewey Decimal Classification divides human knowledge into
(A) 10 basic categories.
(B) 100 basic categories.
(C) 1000 basic categories.
(D) 10000 basic categories.
Answer: (A)
5. Accession Number means
(A) Call Number of a book
(B) Unique Number for a book inside a particular library.
(C) Book Number
(D) Class number
Answer: (B)
6. Who is the Editor in Chief of 19th Edition of DDC
(A) Benjamin A. Custer
(B) John P. Comaromi
(C) Winton E. Matthews
(D) John S. Mitchell
UAnswer: (A)
7. Who is the Editor in Chief of 20th Edition of DDC
(A) Benjamin A. Custer
(B) John P. Comaromi
(C) Winton E. Matthews
(D) John S. Mitchell
Answer: (B)
8. Who is the Editor in Chief of 21st Edition of DDC
(A) Benjamin A. Custer
(B) John P. Comaromi
(C) Winton E. Matthews
(D) John S. Mitchell
Answer: (C)
9. Who is the Editor in Chief of 22nd Edition of DDC
(A) Benjamin A. Custer
(B) John P. Comaromi
(C) Winton E. Matthews
(D) John S. Mitchell
Answer: (D)
10. "To provide the best books to the maximum readers at the least cost"
said by
(A) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan
(B) P. N. Kaula
(C) E.Mayo
(D) Melvil Dewey
Answer: (D)
11. Theory X and Theory Y is developed by
(A) Louis Brandeis
(B) Douglas Mc Gregor
(C) Abraham Maslo
(D) Mayo
Answer: (B)
12. ISBN consists of how many digit
(A) 10
(B) 9
(C) 15
(D) 13
Answer: (D)
13. Herzberg’s theory deals with
(A) Staffing
(B) Directing
(C) Motivation
(D) Planning
Answer: (C)
14. Who is considered as the father of Scientific Management
(A) F.W. Taylor
(B) Harold Koontz
(C) Peter F. Drucker
(D) Luther Gulick
Answer: (A)
15. CPM (Critical Path Method) is developed by
(A) Dupoint Company
(B) Aircraft Corporation
Answer: (A)
16. How many digits have in the ISSN
(A) 10
(B) 8
(C) 13
(D) 15
Answer: (B)
17. Main use of Shelf list is
(A) Cataloging
(B) Circulation
(C) Stock Verification
(D) Book Selection
Answer: (C)
18. Theory X and Theory Y related to
(A) Planning
(B) Motivation
(C) Directing
(D) Staffing
Answer: (B)
19. Which national agency in India is responsible for assigning the ISBN
(D) National Library of India
Answer: (A)
20. TQM is a system of continuous improvement employing participative management and centered on needs of the ________
(A) Customers
(B) Staff
(C) Organization
(D) Government
Answer: (C)
21. Financial support given to libraries are of two types - Recurring and
(A) Ad-hoc
(B) Endowments
(C) Annual
(D) Non-recurring
Answer: (B)
22. Principle of maximum aggregate benefit is concerned with__
(A) Growth of library
(B) Library use
(C) Library service
(D) Library fee
Answer: (C)
23. …….. takes items of expenditure for libraries as the working data for
allocation of funds.
(A) Method of details
(B) Per capita method
(C) Principle of economy
(D) Library budget
Answer: (D)
24. A budget which mainly covers items of current revenue and expenditure
is called __.
(A) Programme budget
(B) Welfare economics
(C) Current budgeting
(D) Capital budgeting
Answer: (D)
25. The library budget of a university is passed by the ?
(A) Senate
(B) Executive Council
(C) Academic Council
(D) Research Council
Answer: (B)
26. In fund accounting, _______ fund can not be used for other purposes.
(A) Recurring
(B) Non-recurring
(C) Restricted
(D) Encumbering
Answer: (A)

27. Scrutiny of financial transactions is called
(A) Budgeting
(B) Programming
(C) Accounting
(D) Auditing
Answer: (D)
28. What are the two parts of the annual report of the library
(A) Primary and Secondary
(B) Analytical and Systematic
(C) Upper and Lower
(D) Descriptive and Statistical
Answer: (D)
29. Who is the pioneer of open access system in British libraries
(A) Nine e.Brown
(B) James Duff Brown
(C) John cotton dana
(D) S. R. Ranganathan
Answer: (B)
30. When was Browne charging system started?
(A) 1895
(B) 1896
(C) 1899
(D) 1875
Answer: (A)
31. Who started New york Charging system?
(A) Peter Drucker
(B) Elton Mayo
(C) John Cotton Dana
(D) Francis Bacon
Answer: (C)
32. When did electrically operated book charging system introduced first?
(A) 1926
(B) 1905
(C) 1933
(D) 1932
Answer: (D)
33. How many columns are there in the accession register?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 14
(D) 16
Answer: (C)
34. When was PERT developed?
(A) 1958
(B) 1968
(C) 1955
(D) 1948
Answer: (A)
35. Who had invented the MBO?
(A) Eltomn Mayo
(B) Frederic Winslow Taylor
(C) Peter Drucker
(D) Kermeth Blanchard
Answer: (C) (1954)
36. PPBS relates to
(A) Book selection
(B) Journal selection
(C) Budgeting
(D) Library records
Answer: (C)
37. The standard “X” and theory “Y” was conceived by
(A) Peter F.Drucker
(B) Doughlas Mc Gregor
(C) Gulik and URwick
(D) Taylor
Answer: (B)
38. Zero based budget is concerned with
(A) Present
(B) Past
(C) Future
(D) Remote future
Answer: (C)
39. Who is the father of Classical School
(A) Lyndall Urwick
(B) Gulick
(C) Cutter
(D) Henri Fayol
Answer: (D)
40. Who coined the word POSDCORB
(A) Henri Foyal
(B) Luther Gulick
(C) Herbert
(D) Elizabeth stone
Answer: (B)
41. Another term of PERT is
Answer: (A)
42. POSDCORB is related to
(A) Library cataloguing
(B) Library reference service
(C) Library administration
(D) Library automation
Answer: (C)
43. Who introduced Three card system
(A) Krishan Kumar
(B) C. K. Sharma
(C) C.A. Cutter
(D) S. R. Ranganathan
Answer: (D)
44. What are the standard size of the Accession Register is
(A) 16” * 12”
(B) 16” * 13”
(C) 16” * 11”
(D) 16” * 18”
Answer: (B)
45. A good library building is an outcome of librarian and _________.
(A) Registrar
(B) Building Corporation
(C) Finance Officer
(D) Architect
Answer: (D)
46. ________ are the storage areas for the various types of documents kept
in a library.
A. Tasks .
B. Racks
D. Desks
Answer: (C)
47. Study carrels are exclusive areas meant for……………
A. students
B. public
C. women
D. researchers
Answer: (D)
48. Library catalogue cards are filed in specially designed. drawers called
A. Charging tray
B. Catalogue cabinet
C. Display rack .
D. Filling equipment
Answer: (B)
49. Information Gatekeepers come under ________ sources.
A documentary
B. human
C. institutional
D. neo-conventional
Answer: (A)
50. Who categorises documents into three types such as primary, secondary
and tertiary.
A. Grogan
B. Skeltor
C. SR. Ranganathan
D. Hanson
Answer: (A)

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