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TRIBUTES OF RANGNATHAN..................................

Dr. S.R. Ranganathan Biographies on Web
1. EasyLib on Ranganathan
2. ICMR tribute to Ranganathan
3. On Wikipedia
4. On Onlinelis site
5. Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan
6. S.R. Ranganathan: a Short Biography (on DRTC
7. Mishra, Anil Kumar
8. The Father, Biography on ILA sites
9. Satija, M.P, Remembering the Work of S.R.
Ranganathan for Academic Libraries
10. Singh, Jagtar, Philosophy and Theory of Dr.
11. Summary of the work and Achievements of S.R.
12. Tripod Biography
13. Ranganathan, Shiyali Ramamrita (1892-1972)
14. S.R.R.Biography
15. Biography on Online Britanica
16. S.R. Ranganathan
17. Father of library science from Sirkazhi-II by V.
Sundaram (The writer is a retired IAS officer)
18. Memorabilia Ranganathan by Gopinath, M.A.
Foreward by Dr. Ranganathan:
Foreward for Chain Indexing

Most widely held works by S. R

1. Colon classification
2. The five laws of library science
3. Prolegomena to library classification
4. Ramanujan, the man and the mathematician
5. On the life and achievements of Srinivasa
Ramanujan Aiyangar, 1887-1920, Indian mathematician.
6. Library book selection
7. Reference service
8. Classified catalogue code, with additional rules for
dictionary catalogue code
9. Library manual, for library authorities, librarians,
and honorary library workers
10. Library administration
11. Free book service for all; an international survey
12. A Librarian looks back : an autobiography of Dr.
S.R. Ranganathan by S R Ranganathan and P N
Articles on Dr. Ranganathan.
1. Garfield, Eugene, A Tribute to S.R. Ranganathan: Part 1.
Life and Works,
2. Garfield, Eugene, A Tribute to S.R. Ranganathan: Part 2.
Life and Works,
3. Glassel, Aimee, Was Ranganathan Yahoo ?
4. Kamat, Vikas, India's First IT Guru Dr. S.R.
5. Relevance of Ranganathan's Laws of Library
Science in Library Marketing by Dr. R.K. Bhatt
6. Steckel, Mike: Ranganathan for IAs
7. Efforts Of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan For Public Library
Legislation And Service- A Review
8. A Tribute by a Student of LIS
9. The Pioneers: S. R. Ranganathan by D. J. Foskett
10. Ranganathan's Theory of facet analysis and
knowledge representation by M.A. Gopinath
11. Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web by
Alireza Noruzi
12. Father of library movement from The Hindu, 14
Aug 2001
13. Dr. S.R. Ranganathan Access Portal by DRTC,
14. Father of Information Science, The Hindu, 07 Feb
15. Reflections on Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library
Science by Richard A. Leiter
16. Colon classification-An outline with examples by S
R Ranganathan
17. Do digital libraries violate the Third Law? By
Michale V. Cloonan & John G. Dove
18. Ranganathan revisited: Facet for the future
19. Ranganathan’s Colon Classification in 1500 Words
or Less: A brief history of Colon Classification by
Susan Kelsch
20. Public Library Legislation And Service- A Review
By Dr. Mohammad Azeem Siddiqui
21. Ranganathan and Public Library System by R.
Raman Nair
22. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya
(IGRMS)- Librarians Day tribute
23. Memories of the 1957 Dorking Conference, Dr.
Ranganathan reference by Eugene Garfield
24. The Future of Libraries in the Work of S.R.
Ranganathan by Frederick J. Friend
25. The Library is a Growing Organism: Ranganathan's
Fifth Law of Library Science and the Academic
Library in the Digital Era by Keren Barner
26. On his birth centenary by M.P. Satija
27. Dr. SRR DISCIPLES: A View Point
28. Ranganathan's Monologue on Melvil Dewey
29. Ranganathan's Prolegomena to Library
30. Ranganathan - Apostle of Librarianship by V.K.
31. Birth Centenary Literature on Ranganathan: A
Review by M.P. Satija
32. S.R. Ranganathan: an exemplary teacher and a
guide by Harjit Singh
33. The Increasing relevance of the five laws of the
Ranganathan by P. Jayarajan
34. Ranganathan's Five Laws by B.K. Sen
35. Rediscovering Ranganathan by David Weinberger
Books on Dr. S.R. Ranganathan:
1. Ranganathan's philosophy : assessment, impact,
and relevance : proceedings of the international
conference by T.S. Rajagopalan
2. Indian academic libraries and Dr. S.R.
Ranganathan : a critical study by Ravindra N
3. Ranganathan, a pattern maker : a syndetic study
of his contributions by Anand P Srivastava
4. Relevance of Ranganathan's contributions to
library science by T S Rajagopalan
5. S.R. Ranganathan, 1892-1972 : papers given at a memorial meeting on Thursday 25th January 1973
by Edward Dudley
6. An essay in personal bibliography : Ranganathan
Festschrift. 2. A bibliography of the writings on
and by S.R. Ranganathan and A.K. Das Gupta

7. S.R. Ranganathan, Pragmatic Philosopher of
Information Science: A Personal Biography
by Ranganathan Yogeshwar
8. Ranganathanism and Knowledge Society:
Relevance of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan in the Present
Day Knowledge Society and Other Essays by
Digitised E-Books of Dr. S.R.
Ranganathan by DLIST, The University of
Arizona Campus Repository (University
1. Classification and Communication(1951)
2. Documentation and its Facets: Being a symposium
of seventy papers by thirty-two authors -(1963)
3. Documentation Genesis and Development(1951)
4. The Five Laws of Library Science (1931)
5. Library Book Selection(1966)
6. New education and school library: Experience of
half a century(1973).
7. Philosophy of Library Classification(1989)
8. Prolegomena to Library Classification(1967)
9. Reference Service(1961)
Photos/Images of Dr. Ranganathan:
1. On Indian Library Association website
Postal Stamp on Dr. Ranganathan:
1. One Rupee Stamp on Dr. Ranganathan
2. Tamil Nadu Postal Circle
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