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Many libraries and librarians publish weblogs (also called "blogs"). For more information on blogs in general, see the Blog entry in Wikipedia.
Blogs with Google PageRank of 7 or more are listed in bold. See also 2006 Best Blogs for another selected list, and Weblogs - Medical Librarianship for a topical subsection.

[edit]Individual Weblogs

Listed by blog title.

[edit]Individual Weblogs - 0-9

[edit]Individual Weblogs - A

[edit]Individual Weblogs - B

[edit]Individual Weblogs - C

[edit]Individual Weblogs - D

[edit]Individual Weblogs - E

[edit]Individual Weblogs - F

[edit]Individual Weblogs - G

[edit]Individual Weblogs - H

[edit]Individual Weblogs - I

[edit]Individual Weblogs - J

[edit]Individual Weblogs - K

[edit]Individual Weblogs - L

information and technology in academic libraries, universities and life in general - Mark Leggott, University Librarian, University of Winnipeg

[edit]Individual Weblogs - M

[edit]Individual Weblogs - N

[edit]Individual Weblogs - O

[edit]Individual Weblogs - P

[edit]Individual Weblogs - Q

[edit]Individual Weblogs - R

[edit]Individual Weblogs - S

[edit]Individual Weblogs - T

[edit]Individual Weblogs - U

[edit]Individual Weblogs - V

[edit]Individual Weblogs - W

[edit]Individual Weblogs - Y

[edit]Individual Weblogs - Z

[edit]Organizational Weblogs

Listed by organization name.

[edit]Academic Libraries


[edit]National Libraries

  • Scotland National Library of Scotland - News
  • Singapore Programmes@100 Victoria Street - The Programmes & Exhibitions blog of the National Library of Singapore
  • Wales National Library of Wales Web 2.0 Blog
  • USA Library of Congress blog

[edit]Public Libraries

[edit]School Libraries

[edit]Special Libraries

[edit]Staff Weblogs

[edit]State Libraries

  • Alaska Since You Asked (Reference Question Blog), published by the Information Services Section of the Alaska State Library.
  • California California State Library Blog
  • Connecticut New @ CT State Library
  • Colorado Colorado State Publications Library Blog
  • Colorado Library Research Service Blog - Colorado State Library
  • Idaho Idaho Commission for Libraries Blog
  • Hawaii Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau Library - First Reading
  • Massachusetts Massachusetts State Library Blog
  • Michigan State Librarian of Michigan
  • Minnesota BlogJunction Minnesota - a collaboration of the state library agency and partner organizations
  • Montana Government News for Montana
  • Nebraska - Nebraska Library Commission Blog
  • New Jersey New Jersey State Library Marketing Blog
  • North Carolina - State Library of North Carolina INFOcenter Blog
  • Ohio State Library of Ohio Government Information Services
  • Oregon Read All About It, Oregon - Oregon Government Documents and the News
  • Oregon Oregon State Library's LIS Collection Blog
  • Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services - Rhodarian feed
  • South Carolina - Library Trax, published by the library development department of the South Carolina State Library
  • Texas Texas State Library and Archives Commission - Library Developments
  • Utah Utah Libraries - feed
  • Utah Utah and National Library News - feed
  • Utah Library Workshops - feed
  • Utah Utah Government Publications (newly added to Digital Library) - feed
  • Utah The Utah Hive (depository library program) - feed
  • Utah Utah State Library (news and events microblog) - feed
  • Utah Social Media Training (microblog) - feed
  • Utah Utah Hive (government information microblog) - feed
  • Washington - The Washington State Library Blog - feed

[edit]Non-English Weblogs


[edit]Other Directories

See also The Blogga Song, which showcases several library blogs.

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