Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives To promote the development and advancement of Library and Information Science &Technology (LIST) and all related fields To provide a common forum/network of Library & Information Science professionals to meet frequently and exchange their ideas and share their experiences. To organize and conduct events of interest to the members such as meetings, arranging of lectures, seminars, conferences, training programs, etc; To disseminate important scientific, technical and other information relevant to the scope and objectives of the society through publication of newsletters, reports, etc., To collaborate with the various National/International professional bodies/agencies for the development of Libraries and Information Centres , etc. as well as for the professionals To encourage professionals for their yeomen services to the profession by giving awards, etc To undertake projects and conduct research , etc in various areas of LIST To promote application of Information Technology in Library and Information Centres in order to provide timely and quality services to the end users. To take active measures to inculcate the reading habits for developing the society

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