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1. Who is the founder of Lodhi dynasty?
Behlul Lodhi
    b) Ibrahim Lodi

    c) Sikander Lodi
    d) None of the above
2. The State in India with the largest coastline is
    a) Tamil Nadu
    b) Kerala
Gujarat    d) Andhra Pradesh
3. What is rank of India in Human Development Index 2010 report?
    a) 112
    c) 117
    d) 132
4. Who was most responsible for the unification of Germany?
    a) Hitler
    b) Gary Baldy 

    c) Bismarck    d) Mussolini
5. Which of the following is largest river?
    a) Ganga

    b) Brahmputra    c) Yamuna
    d) Godavari
6. Which is the oldest Veda book?
Sama-Veda    b) Yajur-Veda
Rig-Veda    d) Atharva-Veda
7. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
    b) Navin Chawla
    c) S.H. Kapadia
    d) P. J. Thomas
8. India has how much per cent area of world’s total geographical area?
    b) 3.5%
    c) 3.2%
    d) 3.8%
9. Where was Gautama Buddha Born?
    a) Porbandar
    b) Sarnath

    c) Lumbini    d) Bodh Gaya
10. What is the sex-ratio of India in Census 2011?
     a) 920
     b) 930
     c) 935
11. Konark temple is located in
     a) Tamilnadu
     c) Maharashtra
     d) Karanatka
12. The coast runs from south of Goa to Cape Comorin on India’s southern tip is
     b) Konkan
     c) Coromandel 

     d) Sethu
13. Dantewada, which recently came into news due to Maoist attack is a district of
     a) Assam

     b) Chhatisgarh     c) Bihar
     d) West Bengal
14.Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
     a) Kalpakkam  -  Tamil Nadu 

     b) Tarapur      -  Rajasthan     c) Narora         -  Uttar Pradesh
     d) Kaiga          -  Karanatka
All the four names represents name of Nuclear power stations in India, Tarapur is located in Maharashtra.
15. According to 2011Census, density of population in India is
    b) 376
    c) 358
    d) 392
16. Which of the following persons was a members of India’s Constituent Assembly?
     a) Khurshid Ahmad
     b) Sachidanand Sinha

     c) Ranbir Singh Hooda     d) Beni Prasad Verma
17. DDT is
     a) synthetic bactericides
     b) natural pesticieds

     c) non biodegradable pollutants     d) Dichloro Diphenyl Titanium
18. Which of the following statements is TRUE about chemical reactions?
     a) All chemical reactions are reversible
     b) All chemical reactions releases heat during decomposition of molecules
Each chemical reaction is carried out by breaking bond between the molecules     d) All the above
19. Which of the following method is used to produce Oxygen in school laboratories?
By heating KClOwith MnO     b) By electrolysis of H2O
     c) By photosynthesis
     d) All the above
20. Detergent is mixture of
     a) strong acid and strong base
     b) weak acid and weak base

     c) Strong base and weak acid
     d) strong acid and weak base
       Detergents are made from sodium hydroxide and fatty acids.Sodium Hydroxide is a strong base in
       nature and fatty acids are weak acidic in nature.
21. Which of the following metals is used in amalgam?
     a) Carbon
     b) Sodium
     c) Gold
22. Sometimes the bottom of steel utensils turn black during cooking. Which of the following
     conclusions can be drawn for the same?
     a) steel utensils have high percentage of carbon
     b) steel utensils have high percentage of iron
Insufficient combustion of fuel takes place
     d) Non-Conventional source of energy is used
23. What will be the name of subtances used in the mixture in place of A and B in the following
      activity carried by a science teacher in classroom?
iron, sand     b) sand, iron
     c) wood, sand
     d) lead, sand
24. If a bar magnet is broken into four pieces how many magnetic poles are there?
     a) Two
     b) Four
     c) Six
25. If mass of the body is doubled, Kinetic energy will be
     a) same
     b) halved
doubled     d) four times       Kinetic energy is the one half the mass multiplied by the square of the velocity, K=1/2mv2. If mass is doubles, the
       kinetic energy doubles.
26. The acceleration of a particle executing S.H.M. is
     a) always constant

     b) maximum at extreme position
     c) maximum at the mean position

     d) always zero
27. One-horned Rhinoceros are found in which of following states?
     a) Gujarat
     c) Karanatka
     d) Madhya Pradesh
28. Why does an egg sink in pure water but float in salt water?
     a) density of egg is less than density of pure water
density of egg is less than density of salt water
     c) density of egg is more than density of salt water
     d) None of the above
29. A solution having pH value 2 represents a
     a) Weak Acid
     b) Weak Base
     c) Strong Base
Strong Acid

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