Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hypothesis refers toA.The outcome of an experimentB.conclusion drawn from an experimentC.A form of bias in which the subject tries to outguess the experimenter 
D.tentative statement about the relationship2-
Statistics is used by researchers to
A.Analyze the empirical data collected in a study
B.Make their findings sound better C.Operationally define their variablesD.Ensure the study comes out the way it was intended
A literature review requiresA.PlanningB.Good & clear writingC.Lot of rewriting
D.All of the above4-
A literature review is based on the assumption thatA.Copy from the work of others
B.Knowledge accumulates and learns from the work of others
C.Knowledge disaccumulatesD.None of the above option
A theoretical framework A.Elaborates the r/s among the variablesB.Explains the logic underlying these r/s

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